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Personal Injury Litigation*: Accidents at Work • Road Traffic Accidents

Medical Negligence*

Professional Negligence*

Road Traffic Law Defence: • Drink Driving

Criminal Law Defence: • District Court Cases

Family Law: • Divorce, Separation • District Court Representation

Employment Law: • Advice & Knowing Your Rights • Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace

Conveyancing: • Residential & Commercial

Probate and Administration: • Administration of Estates & Drafting of Wills

Commercial Disputes & Debt Collection




Personal Injury Litigation*:
Hennessy & Perrozzi Solicitors specialise in personal injury* cases, dealing with all areas of litigation, including accidents at work, road traffic accidents, injuries sustained in public places, injuries sustained in private places and criminal injuries.

Accidents at Work
By law, every employer in Ireland must provide a safe place to work, proper training and sufficient health and safety procedures. Making a claim against your employer can be a sensitive and complex process.
If you have had an accident at work, speak to Hennessy & Perrozzi Solicitors today and find out what options are open to you, as well as what you may be entitled to.

Road Traffic Accidents
Have you been involved in a road traffic accident? If you have suffered an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. However, claims must be made within a certain timeframe. Let us assist you in taking the next steps.
Remember, always report accidents to the gardaí and obtain insurance and registration details of the other parties involved.


Medical Negligence*:
Medical negligence*, or malpractice, occurs when the treatment you receive from a health care provide drop below the accepted standard, causing injury or death, usually resulting from medical error. Hennessy & Perrozzi have acted in several high profile cases in recent years. If you feel you are the victim of medical negligence*, speak with us today.


Professional Negligence*:
Professional negligence* occurs when a professional in any industry fails to carry out their duties effectively, which results in damages to a client. It can apply to many sectors including medical, legal, financial and construction professionals.
If you have suffered a loss, either physically or financially, you may be entitled to compensation for professional negligence*.


Road Traffic Law Defence:
Hennessy & Perrozzi Solicitors is vastly experienced in the area of District and Circuit Court Road Traffic cases, which cover charges relating to drink driving, driving without insurance, dangerous driving, careless driving and other breaches of the law.
Speak to us today for full and frank advice before your court appearance.


Criminal Law Defence:
District Courts deal with criminal cases where offences were carried out in the local jurisdiction, where the defendant resides or where a defendant was arrested.
Most of the cases dealt with are of a summary nature – where a jury is not needed – which includes public order offences, minor assaults, theft and fraud offences, minor drug offences and road traffic offences.
Hennessy & Perrozzi Solicitors offer advice in each facet of criminal law and is represented at every Swords and Balbriggan District Court sitting on a daily basis. If you have been arrested, charged with a crime or are the victim of a crime, get in touch with us.

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Family Law:
Hennessy & Perrozzi Solicitors advise on all areas of family law legislation:
• Access to your children
• Maintenance applications for the benefit of your children
• Judicial Separation
• Property disputes between married and non-married couples
• Divorce
We will explore with you all dispute resolution mechanisms prior to advising on the judicial process.


Employment Law:
Did you know, as an employee, you are entitled to:
• a minimum rate of pay
• a detailed wage slip
• work a maximum working week of 48 hours, set out over a number of months
• specified rest times and breaks
• specified holiday and public holiday allowances
If you are unsure of your rights or have an employment-related query, speak to Hennessy & Perrozzi solicitors for advice and guidance.
Similarly, if you feel you have been the victim of bullying or harassment in your place of work, we can talk you through your options and entitlements.


Hennessy & Perrozzi Solicitors will assist you whether you are buying a home, selling a home or whether you require a lease of a commercial or residential premises.
We will receive your tailored instructions to ensure that you are protected throughout your proposed property transaction and will refer you to specific taxation advice where appropriate.
We provide a caring and attentive service to clients throughout, what is for most, the greatest financial investment in their life.


Probate and Administration:
Hennessy & Perrozzi Solicitors encourage all clients to draft a will especially where clients have children. You will be advised on all aspects of planning your estate including taxation and the provision of guardians to care for your minor children.
We advise executors on the administration of estates and handle all matters on your behalf when applications are to be made to the Probate Office and to the Revenue Commissioners.


Commercial Dispute & Debt Collection:
Hennessy & Perrozzi Solicitors has a proven track record in commercial litigation and dispute resolving. We can talk you through your rights, your options and your next steps, while finding the best way to resolve your issues.
We also offer a dedicated debt recovery service and can talk you through each step of the best way to receive your rightful payment, from solicitor’s letters to legal proceedings, in these tight financial times.

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